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PAUL EDWARDS began recording his songs in 1975 for Cottage Records. His debut album "Longstone Farm" was followed 2 years later with "Butterfly Days" and he was still only 20 years old. These rare vinyl albums were produced by John Golding whom Paul met whilst living on St. Mary's on the Isle of Scilly. Paul arrived in the Scillies in the spring of 1975 for what was going to be a 2 week break from re-taking his 'O' levels, but he never returned to school and stayed 3 years working in hotels and on flower farms during which time he discovered his songwriting abilities which resulted in the above albums. In this time, Paul was a regular performer at the Red Drum Folk Club where he discovered his musical roots and which became the signpost towards the direction he was always going to travel.

NOW...... some 35 years later, in the spring of 2012, Scottish singer/songwriter Duncan McCrone has recently described Paul's songwriting as "World Class", including one of Paul's songs (Wear a Suit) on his latest album "Colourblind".

Paul regards meeting Dave Morris in 1990 as a key musical moment, for over the next 10 years Dave produced 4 albums of Paul's songs..."Our Many Coloured Lives", "Precious Cargo", "You Shining Friend" and "This Beautiful Dance". Without Dave's generosity and guidance, these albums would not have been possible!

During the time with Dave he was introduced to a young 16 year old Jonny Miller who was on a YTS work experience in the studio. He was there for the musical environment and where it could lead him, but was also expected to make coffee and look after the artists. Dave discovered Jonny was a one man musical firework display and began to weave his briliant playing into the recordings. In 2004, Jonny went on to produce "Quiet Gifts", the album that has opened so many doors for Paul with the title track being covered by The Fureys and going global. A tide of artists continue to record his songs.

In 1998 Paul founded Shining Friends, a Folk Roots Concert Club, at The Lickey Trinity Centre, Birmingham and a new "Songwriters' Supper" night at Burcott Vllage Hall - both venues now firmly establised on the map and hosted with his wife Jane.

In 2009  Paul recorded the "Little Universe" album with Dave Lang at his idyllic studio in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Paul invited many players on this project including the Breton guitarist/composer Dan Ar Braz whose entire musical catologue would be Paul's desert island companion. Little Universe reveals many textures and listeners will often hear how Paul was influenced. Like most it began with The Beatles, a large helping of Simon & Garfunkel and onwards to discover writers of great melody and lyrics.

Paul regards himself as a songwriter who sings his own work and does so with an intimacy often only the writer can. He has never followed the route of performer and the perceived lonliness of the troubadour life, but has been resourceful and able to support himself through a full diary of teaching.... happy to accept musical challenges no matter how humble the stage!

Summer 2012

Paul has begun a new project once again in the beautiful Dordogne countryside, surrounded by vineyards,  at the studios and home of musician and record producer Terry Bradford. No date has been set for completion, but many visits may be needed to see this through to its conclusion!! 



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